2007/01/24 – Program Information – Governor Charlie Crist

Governor Charlie Crist

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Charlie Crist

He has been inaugurated as Governor of the nation’s fourth largest state and now he faces a myriad of challenges. To date, he has embraced a spirit of bipartisan cooperation that has Republicans and Democrats alike encouraged. His appointments to lead various state agencies seem to echo his bipartisan rhetoric and he has championed that Florida is “the people’s government.” But now, the honeymoon is nearing an end and newly elected Governor Charlie Crist, Tiger Bay’s next speaker, must put his vision into action. As a former Florida Senator, Commissioner of Education, and most recently Attorney General, Governor Crist brings a wealth of Florida Legislative and Executive leadership experience. He will need all of the skills, knowledge, and political savvy gained in his experience to confront a number of critical issues facing Florida including most notably increasing and spiraling insurance costs and rates, and their effect on our state. As he seeks solutions to Florida’s insurance problems, as well as the multitude of other issues in our state, “Chain Gang Charlie” has promised plain talk, bipartisan efforts, and being the “people’s Governor.” Please join us when we welcome the Honorable Charlie Crist to the Capital Tiger Bay Club on Wednesday, January 24 at the Silver Slipper.