2004/04/28 – Program Information – Peter & Rochelle Schweizer

Peter & Rochelle Schweizer

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"The Bushes - Portrait of a Dynasty"
President George W. Bush leads our nation in a time of unprecedented peril. Governor Jeb Bush leads bellwether state Florida during this same critical time. Former President George Bush’s legacy is still being chronicled as are the influences of all of the Bush first ladies. But who are these people, and how did they get where they are? Through a series of exclusive, surprisingly candid interviews, Peter and Rochelle Schweitzer’s The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty, provides an insightful biography into the inner workings and relationships of the very private Bush family. The book, released on April 6, 2004, is the first full-scale biography of the Bushes, providing insight into their shrewd alliances that have consolidated their power within the Republican Party and discussing their sensitive and secretive business and political dealings. One former Bush insider states that “the Schweizers have penetrated to the heart of the Bush family and this is as close as anyone has ever been able to get.” Mr. Schweizer is a fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford and his commentary regularly appears in Foreign Affairs, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, National Review, and many others. He is also the author of Reagan’s War, Reassessing the Cause and Consequences of the End of the Cold War. Mrs. Schweizer is a writer, media consultant, and mother. They make their home in TALLAHASSEE! Come get the inside story of America’s most powerful political dynasty and ask the questions we all really want to know at the next meeting of the Capital Tiger Bay Club on Wednesday, April 28, at the Silver Slipper.