2006/07/27 – Leon County Commission Candidates Forum, Districts 3 & 4

Leon County Commission Candidates Forum, Districts 3 & 4

Thursday, July 27, 2006

THE SEASON is upon us. THE SEASON of rallying cries of the faithful and the answers to the question of what is it going to take to make it to the fifth floor of the Leon County Courthouse? THAT SEASON is the political season, the one Tiger Bay faithful long to wallow in every two to four years. With no incumbent actively seeking reelection in either District 3 or 4, Tony Grippa has formally resigned and Dan Winchester has withdrawn, the Leon County Commission is guaranteed to have at least two new members. In District 3, the candidates include John Paul Bailey, John Dailey, and Chip Sellers; District 4 candidates include Bo Bludworth, Bryan Desloge, and Will Messer. What are their motivations for running? Where are they getting their support? Where do they stand on your issue(s)? All of these questions and more are sure to surface at the next meeting of the Capital Tiger Bay Club scheduled for Thursday, July 27, 2006 at the Silver Slipper!