2005/09/14 – The Proposed Power Plant

The Proposed Power Plant

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An issue that seems to have divided the Tallahassee elected commission, and in some cases the community at-large, is approaching fast. Commentary on the future environmental and economic implications of the issue for Tallahassee is running rampant. It is an issue that dates back to 1991 when the City Commission voted in favor of it but a public referendum overturned that decision. No we are not talking about whether a Bowden should be in the press box or on the field, we are talking about whether our City should support or oppose the development of a coal power plant likely to be developed in Taylor County. A roll call vote appears to see two commissioners in favor and two commissioners in opposition, with the swing vote likely resting with the Mayor. Commissioner Debbie Lightsey (in favor) and Commissioner Alan Katz (in opposition) have agreed to lay out for the Capital Tiger Bay Club their respective arguments and perspectives on this issue. While coal itself can be a rather boring topic, the phrase coal “power plant” takes on a much more combustible and volatile element capable of scorching a number of things, including political careers. Please join us on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at the Silver Slipper when Commissioners Katz and Lightsey provide their insight on this important community issue.