2002/05/07 – Bob Poe & Al Cardenas

Bob Poe & Al Cardenas

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Bob Poe

Al Cardenas

The race for political control in Florida for the next four years is heating up. Legislative and congressional redistricting, the narrowing down and selection of each Party’s political candidates, and the formulation of each Party’s political strategy is in full-swing. Recently, the political attacks and rebuttals have gotten mighty personal and basically, the “gloves have come off.” Scathing editorials and personal attacks, rebuttals to those attacks, lawsuits challenging ethical and legal responsibilities, and challenges to leadership ability are running rampant. Ahhhhh . . . . . the kindlier, gentler world of politics in Florida. In an effort to clear the air about Florida’s political future, Tiger Bay Promotions is proud to bring you Al Cardenas and Bob Poe, respective State Chairman of the Republican and Democratic Parties in Florida to address the Capital Tiger Bay Club on May 7th at high noon at the Silver Slipper. LET’S GET READY TO RUUUMMMMBBBLE!