2001/06/12 – Frank Brogan

Frank Brogan

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Frank Brogan
Tiger Bay welcomes Lt. Governor Frank Brogan back to the dais. A combination of personality, political savvy and ideological determination, Frank has become our most visible and perhaps our best loved Lt. Governor since Buddy Mackay. He is an ubiquitous graduation speaker and is on everyone’s best dressed list.

Frank will be here to share his insights on the recent legislative session and to answer your questions regarding One Florida, Service First, the cutback in forest fire protection, blatant cronyism in Senior Management, the California energy crisis, drilling for oil in Alaska, teenage drinking in Texas and Vanity Fair magazine.

Come prepared for a meeting packed with information and excitement as Mr. Brogan crosses swords with the rapier-like wit of club president Ed DePuy.