2001/05/04 – Jim Handley

Jim Handley

Friday, May 4, 2001

In keeping with the foot-in-mouth time of year in Tallahassee and in response to a perceived global crisis of foot-and-mouth disease, the Capital Tiger Bay Club is bringing you Jim Handley, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association (FCA). While it is readily apparent that the disease is contagious in our neck of the woods and in Washington, Mr. Handley will share the real story about the disease and the economic, health, and political implications on the agriculture industry nationally and in particular, in Florida. He will also be here to promote FCA’s health plan (i.e., the Atkins Diet) and predict how the Mad DOW disease may affect the cattle futures market. So saddle up and join as at the next Capital Tiger Bay Club meeting on May 4th at the Silver Slipper.