Capital Tiger Bay Club Traditions

funny committee

While the Executive Secretary recruits speakers and coordinates the meeting, this group of five to six Tigers traditionally gathers in the Library of the Governor’s Club a day or two before the meeting to put together the material for roasting the scheduled speaker and sharing political news of the day.


silver slipper

Luncheons are nearly always held in the cozy banquet room of this historic steakhouse. Shoulder to shoulder, members dine on owner Bill Kalfas’ buffet meat and potatoes spread.


head table

It’s members only at the head table where introductions are all a part of the show.


guest speaker

It is here that the mettle and skin texture of the guest speakers are truly tested. This is the time when a Tiger Bay member’s roasting skills are on display.

celebrity waiter

When you attend a Tiger Bay meeting, you never know what to expect. The club has been known to recruit senators, governors, judges and other political celebrities to surprise the head table with the offer of “more sweet tea?”



member questions

At the close of each meeting, speakers are exposed to what is on the mind of their audience. While guests may attend the luncheon with a member, the right to ask questions of a speaker is a privilege of the membership alone.




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