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A Review of the 2007 Florida Legislative Session by Members of the Capital Press Corp

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another legislative session has come and gone and, at least at the drafting of this program notice, no special session is in sight. The Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President have all expressed optimism regarding THE ISSUE of the session—Property Tax Reform. While initially a very open discussion and debate—the issue has become quite clandestine in the past 3-4 days casting a sense of anxiety and uncertainty as to the final “solution.” What kind of grade(s) did the 2007 Legislature earn for their performance? Which issues were tackled head-on, what key issues were left unresolved, and who were the key players? To answer these and other questions, and to provide their personal critique and insight into what really happened in the halls of our Capitol, restaurants, and bars, the Tiger Bay Club is bringing back a tradition: The Capital Press Corps. In past years, the Capital Press legislative review has offered up many an interesting story—some printed and some not. On Thursday, May 24at the Silver Slipper, reporters and columnists from the Orlando Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times, Miami Herald, and Tallahassee Democrat will reveal their perspectives, most interesting experiences and stories, and perhaps even their sources from the most recent session. So please join us at the next meeting of the Capital Tiger Bay Club and come loaded for bear with your questions.

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