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Capital Bureau Reporters/Editorial Board Members from Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times, and Tallahassee Democrat

Thursday, May 31, 2001

RUMOR has it that a Tiger Bay tradition is returning. Apparently, according to the newspaper delivery boy who knows the print shop guy who was picking up trash in the Capital Press Corps room while under the desk of Jane Doe, four reporters and editorial board members have agreed to reveal their insight and observations about the recent Florida Legislative Session to the Tiger Bay Club. The RUMOR started via the Internet at the Tallahassee Democrat and spread to the Orlando Sentinel, St. Petersburg Times, and then to the Miami Herald. These four media giants, concerned with the appearance of misinformation and tabloid stigma, felt compelled to call a press conference to clear the air. RUMOR has it that they will not be lobbing softballs about Service First, the State's Education Reorganization Plan, or who the new efficiency czar might be. Then again, who knows how these RUMORS get started . . . . Come turn the tables on the press and fire your best questions at them when the Tiger Bay Club hosts its next meeting at the Silver Slipper on May 31!

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